For Executive Women Looking For Higher Performance

The book for successful women looking to get free from hangxiety in 30 days without going to AA.

  • The Relationship Simplifier: The simple process that clarifies your relationship with alcohol.

  • 5 practical ways to "take the edge off" without having a drink.

  • 7 hacks for handling sticky social situations.

  • The Joy Finder: How to have a blast without the booze.

  • The roadmap to freedom from shame.

WHAT IS THE JUICY AF* LIFE METHOD? (*AF = Alcohol Free, of course!)

The Juicy AF* Life Method is a counterintuitive approach to stop over-drinking that allows you to get free of hangxiety and reclaim your energy, without having to go to AA.

We achieve this by taking you through a series of experiments and without you having to swear off alcohol forever.

And as a result...this frees you up from hangxiety and shame so you can be more fulfilled personally and professionally - this is the Juicy AF* Method.


Before I created the Juicy AF Life Method - I was on the verge of giving up.

Overwhelmed. Exhausted. Waking up with hangxiety.

A glass of wine always seemed like the answer.

My over-drinking was starting to bring negative effects into my life.
I woke up everyday with hangxiety and shame. I felt like crap and still had to function.

I fell down while dancing with a client.

I was hungover for important presentations.

It would start with "I'll just have one." But I could never stop at just one.

I realized that if I kept going down this road I would never reach my full potential.

So I started to question if my drinking was a problem.

After asking myself that question at least 1 million times, I decided drinking wasn't working for me.

And I was courageous enough to go to AA.
But I quickly realized that it isn't great for women. Especially high-achieving ones.

I took what I loved, adapted other elements and added my own experiences and insights...

and I created a new way. A way that is perfect for successful women.

Finally, it worked…
I experienced freedom from shame for the first time in my life.
I increased my income 600%.

I met and married the love of my life.

And I haven't had hangxiety for 23 years and counting.

It took me years of testing and heartache to come up with Juicy AF Life Method and start living as the magical and powerful woman I imagined I was, glass of wine in hand.

Today I want to give back to women who believe wine is the answer to their overwhelm and exhaustion. I want you to fulfill your potential faster using a step-by-step process instead of figuring it out on your own. (Preview of coming attractions: this rarely works.)

For only $5 you can have the entire system along with two incredible bonuses valued at $550.



Bonus 1: Hangxiety Buster Call

By the end of this call, you will have a clear understanding of the relationship between your anxiety, energy and your drinking habits, and the best next step for you.


Bonus 2: The 7-Day Alcohol Free Experiment Email Challenge

I invite you to see what it's like to be free from alcohol for 7 days. You'll be supported throughout with daily emails with specific steps you can take to be alcohol free without struggling.

Everything You Get / What's included:


Step 1

Order the JUICY AF* (*ALCOHOL FREE) Stop The Drinking Spiral. Create Your Future e-book, the e-book that shows you step-by-step how to stop the drinking spiral and move towards your ideal future.


Step 2

Book your Hangxiety Buster call. At the end of this 30 minute, 1:1 call with Kay Allison, you will feel lighter, relieved and know exactly what your next best step is.


Step 3

Plot your roadmap to higher performance and greater energy with my help. You do NOT have to do this alone.

Those are the 3 steps to freedom from hangxiety, having more energy and a 30-day break from over-drinking.

All of this is revealed in the 150-page Juicy AF* (*Alcohol Free) e-book in step-by-step detail

making it a counterintuitive approach for the high-achieving woman to get free from hangxiety, increase your energy and take a break from over-drinking so you can break through to your next level of success and fulfillment.


Note: The paperback version is available on Amazon.

100% Secure 256-Bit Encrypted Checkout

Backed by Our 100% Money Back Guarantee.

According to Sarah H, Juicy AF* (*Alcohol Free) "is a clarion call for sober-curious women... to create a new, joy-filled life."


"Kay's humor, intelligence and most importantly, her vulnerability makes this a powerful read. She shares her journey to sobriety, offering practical tips and exercises to stay on course. A quick read, but a deep read."

According to Kimmy Jo, Juicy AF is "inspiring."


"This book was smart, funny and Kay tells it like it is with no fluff. You get a clear plan of action to take back your life and live AF!"

According to Kirkus Reviews, Juicy AF* (*Alcohol Free) is "a humorous and heartening approach to sobriety."


"Overall, this book is an excellent guide for women, including readers who simply want to take stock of the role that alcohol is currently playing in their lives. The work is consistently positive, fun, and fast-paced. It serves a demographic that’s long been underserved in the alcohol-free space, and brings a fresh, dynamic perspective."


Download Juicy AF* (*Alcohol Free) Stop The Drinking Spiral. Create Your Future.

and Get Your 2 Bonuses!


  • Do I have to be an alcoholic to benefit? If you've been wondering if your drinking might be holding you back from living your fullest life, this book is absolutely for you! If you've been struggling to get sober, this book will unlock the process. And if you're already alcohol-free, this book will rocket you into another dimension. BTW, I don't find the label "alcoholic" helpful at all.

  • Do I have to give up drinking forever? Oh, heaven's no. I invite you to a 7-day alcohol-free experiment. Have the experience and see what it's like for you.

  • What if I haven't hit rock bottom? Many women I've worked with simply feel that they aren't living their fullest potential, and drinking isn't in line with who they really are or want to be. Does that resonate with you? If so, give the book a read.

  • Is this a Christian, religious-based system? Nope. Not at all. You don't have to believe in a Cloud Man. (And if you do, cool.) The book outlines 5 spiritual laws of the universe and provides actions that align you with those invisible but powerful forces. It does not suggest or require you to *believe* in anything. Trust your own experience.

  • Will anyone know I've purchased this bundle? I don't want anyone to think I have a problem.

    Only the women on my team who send out your bundle of goodies will have access to your info. We promise to keep everything confidential.

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